Hello Outlander fans! We have a great weekend of activities in the works for you!  Be sure to have October 22-25, 2020 marked on your calendar and check back for announcements of cast, activities, ticket sales, and venues. The main event takes place in Surrey, British Columbia.     

See below for guests who have been in attendance at earlier Outlandish Vancouver weekends!

The featured guests for 2019 were John Bell, Braeden Clarke, Keith Fleming, Carmen Moore, Ed Speleers, and Trevor Carroll (“Otter Tooth” the time traveler), in addition to a special guest appearance by Diana Gabaldon.  

Outlandish Vancouver 2018 Guests: Steven Cree, Cesar Domboy, Lauren Lyle, and John Bell.

Outlandish Vancouver 2017 Guests: David Berry and Adhamh O Broin.

Outlandish Vancouver 2016 Guest: Adhamh O Broin.

New in 2019 was the formation of Outlander Adventures as a registered non-profit, which is the company that produces Outlandish Vancouver.

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Click here to listen to an interview with Keith about his work in Peer Gynt.

Sera-Lys just released a short she did and you can watch via this link

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History of Outlandish Vancouver:

In 2013 the first small gathering of fans of Diana Gabaldon, the author of the wildly popular Outlander and Lord John Grey stories, began making the short trek from the Seattle area to Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, to meet Diana Gabaldon and attend a signing hosted by the Surrey International Writer’s Conference (SIWC).  This gathering of fans has grown leaps and bounds and has now hosted Outlander cast and consultants for events over the weekend, still leaving time to see Diana and to meet fellow Outlander fans.

In 2016, Outlandish Vancouver hosted Adhamh O Broin to meet with fans and to teach a Gaelic seminar.  In 2017, Outlandish Vancouver brought in David Berry, who plays the beloved character of Lord John Grey, and again hosted Adhamh O Broin for events which included the popular “Party in the Suite” where both men sang and entertained fans. During the weekend, there is a block of time set aside to attend the SIWC Author Signing, where you are able to meet many different authors as well as Diana Gabaldon.  The signing hosted by the SIWC is a free event and lasts for 90 minutes.

In 2018 the Outlandish Vancouver Sassenach Gathering hosted Steven Cree (Ian Murray, Sr.), click the links to view the messages from the cast:

Michael Jackson Announces Steven’s visit to Vancouver

Cesar Domboy (adult Fergus), he has a message!

A Hello from Paris!

Lauren Lyle (Marsali MacKimmie) – she is so cute!

Lauren is excited to come to Canada!

And John Bell (Young Ian) – it is his birthday!

It is John’s 21st birthday!

The four cast members spent two days full of events with fans over the weekend in Surrey.  We even celebrated John’s 21st birthday with him! The weekend was packed with many opportunities and a great time was had by all.